Sayur Asem jakarta

Sayur Asem jakarta


     1 piece of eggplant, cut
     1 pc vegetable pumpkin, peeled, cut into
     1 The mobile belinjo leaves and fruits and flowers.
     1 pc sweet corn, cut into 2 cm
     50 grams of peanuts, clean
     4 bean stalk, cut into 3 cm
     6 bean stalk, potng
     3 lbr cabbage, cut into
     2 bay leaves
     2cm galangal, crushed
     2 sdk eat sour
     Brown sugar 1 tea sdk
     1 sdk tea cooked shrimp paste
     1 1 / 2 ltr of water


     4 cloves garlic
     3 spring onions
     4 grains of nutmeg
     5 pieces of red chilli

how to cook:

     Boiled vegetables: corn, beans, melinjo, spices, bay leaves, green chillies, ginger, brown sugar, shrimp paste, tamarind.
     Stir and leave until soft over medium heat
     enter the eggplant, green beans, green beans, cabbage and salt.
     Simmer until wilted
     Remove and serve

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